About ScrapeSentry Inc.

ScrapeSentry Inc. is headquartered in Boston, USA and has an office in London, England. The company is a spin-off from Sentor Managed Security Services (Sentor MSS), headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Sentor MSS provides innovative security services to clients across the world.

We have been providing anti-scraping services 24/7 since 2006 and have a development team constantly developing our service platform. We have over 30 experts working within research and development to ensure an efficient service today and in the future. We are proud to protect some of the world’s best known online brands.

The ScrapeSentry Anti Scraping Service

ScrapeSentry stops unwanted scrapers from benefitting from our clients’ intellectual property. Differentiating good from bad scrapers whether human or bot provides business intelligence to make real decisions that affect our clients’ bottom line.

The technology is in its fourth release and is well positioned to handle the most advanced scrapers. The market has been limited to only extreme cases of scraping in the past, but now companies are waking to the idea of taking a defensive position on scraping to match their offensive tactics. ScrapeSentry is a fully managed anti-scraping service based on a proprietary technology platform and 24/7 services delivered from the Sentor Security Operations Centre (SOC). These Services include monitoring, analysis, investigation, blocking policy development, enforcement, and support.

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Management team


Martin Zetterlund,

Andreas Lindberg,


Gus Cunningham,
Regional Manager North America


Tomas Wahlstedt,


Johan Hjerling,
IT Operations & Development Manager


Anna Ryde,
Service Delivery Manager